CLEER Financing

The District of Columbia Green Bank Corporation (“DC Green Bank”) partners with lenders and contractors to create affordable financing options for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for businesses and residents throughout the Pepco service territory of the District of Columbia.  DC Green Bank’s Commercial Loan for Energy Efficiency and Renewables Program (“CLEER Program”) is available to for-profit and nonprofit commercial property or business owners. Eligible properties on which energy saving improvements may be financed are commercial and industrial properties in the Pepco Service area of Washington, DC (“Eligible Properties”), including those being used for a variety of purposes such as manufacturing, light industrial, warehousing, food service, office, retail, multi-family rental apartments of five or more units, and houses of worship. Eligible Properties also include multifamily communities, such as condominiums, planned unit developments (“PUDs”) and cooperatives. CLEER Program financing is made available through lenders that have entered into an agreement with DC Green Bank to participate in the CLEER Program (“Participating Lenders”). In this way, the DC Green Bank is increasing the availability and affordability of energy efficiency and renewable energy financing.

As part of the CLEER Program, DC Green Bank authorizes a network of contractors to be eligible to access CLEER Program financing for its customers, establishes CLEER Program guidelines, and verifies the completion of installations performed under the CLEER Program.  Contractors are eligible for participation under the CLEER Program (“Authorized Contractors”) if they are either approved by Pepco as a Service Provider under the Pepco 2020 Commercial and Industrial (“C&I”) Energy Savings Program (“C&I Program”), approved by the DC Green Bank, approved by the District of Columbia Department of Energy & Environment (“DOEE”), approved by the  District of Columbia Property Assessed Clean Energy Program (“PACE”) or approved by the District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility (“SEU”),  are in good standing with the C&I Program, DC Green Bank, DOEE, PACE or SEU, have entered into a Contractor Agreement with DC Green Bank, are in good standing under the CLEER Program. Authorized Contractors may offer their customers access to CLEER Program financing. 

Authorized Contractors help promote the CLEER Program and perform work for their customers, including the installation of Pepco C&I Eligible Measures and other energy-saving improvements. Examples of such improvements financeable under the CLEER Program include:  Pepco C&I Eligible Measures of lighting, ventilation, heating/air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, and combined heat and power PLUS solar photovoltaic (PV), HVAC (gas), and energy storage. (A full list of eligible measures is provided in this document and online.)  DC Green Bank’s CLEER Program is designed to complement Pepco’s C&I Program and may be a good fit for projects not suitable for Washington, DC Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (“C-PACE”) financing program (for instance, due to project loan size and building type). The CLEER Program will also supplement federal and state tax credits, and other available incentives for energy efficiency.  100% new construction projects are not eligible for the CLEER Program, but projects associated with renovations and expansions may be eligible (see guidelines below).