Focus & Feedback Series

A series of stakeholder engagement sessions designed to solicit feedback, ideas, and insights from the larger community on selected issues that are relevant to DC Green Bank operations, bring a diverse set of voices to the table for dialogue with DCGB, and enhance the shaping of DCGB’s mission and objectives through a collaborative approach with the larger community.

Upcoming Discussion Topics:

  • Session 1: “Electrification and DC Green Bank’s Role In it”
    • Featured guests: Kate Johnson and Kathleen Berube, DC DOEE
  • Session 2: Economic Recovery and Supporting Local Businesses – a Conversation with Eli Hopson and Harold Pettigrew, Wacif
  • Session 3: DC Green Bank Performance Metrics
    • Thursday, 2/11 6:30P
  • Session 4: Engaging Diverse Voices around Clean Energy and the Green Economy
    • TBD, March 2021
  • Session 5: Role of DCGB in Workforce Development and Growing the Clean Energy Economy
    • TBD, May 2021
  • Session 6: Regional Alignment around Clean Energy priorities
    • TBD, July 2021